Microphone Array FPGA source code



I couldn’t find the FPGA source code in GitHub for the MEMs microphone array. Is there a plan to upload it?

I would like to understand what filtering is being used to convert from PDM to PCM and play around with the sample rate, the number of microphones being used, beamforming etc




Hi @bobsyouruncle,

We recently made available a demo for beamforming. Check this out and give us feedback.

Implementation here:



How about releasing the FPGA source (VHDL or Verilog)?


Any plans to opensource the FPGA sources for this?


Matrix has been advertising the Voice as though customers can reprogram the FPGA, but seems to be stalling about releasing the FPGA source code, or even the connections of FPGA pins to microphones etc that will be necessary to make any use of that capability. What’s the hangup?