New User Here With Matrix Voice


I finally got my Matrix voice (standalone) in the mail and I am super excited. As a noob this seems a little more complicated than I anticipated. I was under the assumption that the standalone would be as easy to connect as pairing Bluetooth. Unfortunately it isn’t.

I looked and found virtually no reliable tutorials on how to connect it as a standalone. Can someone help me?


Hi @Dominique,

You can try our Alexa demo on it ! See here.

To get more information related to MATRIX Voice and getting started go here. We will be improving and adding more examples the coming days!

Can you program in JavaScript, pyhton or C++ ?

Let me know if this helps.



I very much appreciate the response. However I was not interested in using Alexa with the Matrix. I really wanted to use it as a standalone. I want to use it for speech rec on my PC if possible or my Raspberry Pi.

I’ve seen that start guide before. This is what I was talking about. Many of it is gibberish to me.


I’m new here but I have a legit question. Do most questions from users go unanwered around here?

I see other threads have people answering but not all of them.


Hello @Dominique,

Sorry about the delayed reply.

We will be releasing tomorrow a detailed guide on how to setup the MATRIX Voice with ESP32 in Hackster. I will share the link with you here when its ready.

Meanwhile, you can follow the Readme in and use the LEDs and the mics running the demos there.

Quick question, do you have a MATRIX Voice with or without the ESP32 module?

Let us know how it goes.



I appreciate it Yoel. Yes I have the Matrix with the ESP32 module. I was told this version of the Matrix could be fully standalone.



Yes, the MATRIX Voice can run standalone using the ESP32 as the main processor, but in order to setup the ESP32 on your MATRIX Voice and upload your code to it you will need to connect your MATRIX Voice to a Raspberry Pi and follow the guide that I shared in my previous post.

We are working on easier ways to work with the ESP32 and we are here to help you if you run into any problems.



I appreciate the response. The process of initially having to set it up on a Pi is a little strange but okay. Is this a one-time thing? Will it be able to connect to any bluetooth after that? What if power goes out? Will setup have to be done again if it loses power?

Also, are there any plans in the future of eliminating having to initially setting it up on Pi for standalone usage?


Hello @Dominique,

The initial setup process using a Raspberry Pi is currently required. After you deploy your app to the ESP32 module the MATRIX Voice can run without the Rasp Pi. In this scenario, you will be using the Rasp Pi mostly as a programmer.

We are working on a release that will include a way to programming the MATRIX Voice ESP32 module OTA (Over the Air) using Wifi. This will allow a flashing and running in standalone operation.

You could also runs apps in the Raspberry Pi that talk to the MATRIX Voice using MOS/MALOS/HAL Libraries but this is a not stand alone scenario.