A Confusion about ALSA Audio Datas Capture and Playback

Hi Everyone,

I got a MATRIX Creator and a Raspberry Pi 4B and I want to deploy some real-time audio algorithms. Most of these real-time algorithms are usually deployed on DSP boards like ‘TMS320C6713 DSK’ or some FPGA boards because these algorithms contain real-time adaptive processes.
In other words, these algorithms require the device(To be exact, the algorithm routines running on Pi4B in this case) to be able to capture and play audio datas point by point rather than frame by frame.

So my question is:
Can I capture and play audio datas point by point when I use MATRIX Creator and ALSA API like ’ snd_pcm_readi()’ and ’ snd_pcm_writei()’ ?
Or is there another way to do this?

When I check the file ‘matrixio-pcm.h’ of matrixio-kernel-modules, the situation looks like not optimistic.
The MATRIX Creator uses Spartan 6 to control mics and has a Cortex-M3 MCU. In addition to professional DSP chips, when it’s connected to the Raspberry Pi, the whole system is similar to a DSP device in hardware level and I think it should be able to perform the real-time audio algorithms described above.
How can I capture and play audio datas point by point?