Accessing RPi I2C Pins



I’m using a Matrix Voice at the moment. I have an external sensor that uses I2C to communicate with its host.

I’m referring to this pinout diagram:

I can’t see where in the Matrix Voice GPIO expansion I would connect the SDA or SCL pins from my sensor. Pins 3 and 5 of the RPi don’t appear to be broken out. Is there a solution to this; i.e. a way for me to use an I2C device while the Voice is connected to the RPi?



Hi @paul.m,

Thank you for posting! The MATRIX Voice GPIOs do not currently have I2C pins. We will be working on this in the future.

One way you could still make it work, would be to solder your device’s I2C pins directly to the SDA and SCL pins on the Raspberry Pi. However, be advised that this needs skill to avoid creating unwanted connections.


Hi there, isn’t it directly possible to passthrough the I2C signals from the Pi to the Matrix GPIO ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Btw @paul.m you can connect the Voice to the Pi using Dupont wires, therefore you can access to the I²C pins :slight_smile:


Yes, you are correct, we can route the I2C pins from the Pi to the MATRIX Voice’s GPIOs through the FPGA. We will be working on this soon :slight_smile: