Accessing the LEDs with Arduino Due


I’m currently working with my university on a research project that is utilizing the Matrix Creator and Arduino Due. So far, I’ve been able to interface with the Creator and on-board sensors (using I2C) by connecting the SDA/SCL, 5V, 3.3V and all the GND pins to the Due (to their respective pins on the Due) and its been working wonderfully. However, my next endeavor was to reprogram the FPGA in order to control the Creator everloop LEDs with the Due. I wanted to achieve this by connecting GPIO pins from the Due to the extension GPIO of the Creator and using that input as the data input for the LEDs.

I haven’t been able to get it functioning mostly due to my misunderstanding of how the LEDs are controlled by the FPGA. I’ve tried many different code modifications for the FPGA but so far nothing has worked for me. I’m beginning to believe this might not be possible because I noticed there is a everloop RAM file (which I’m assuming is used to store the values to control the LEDs) which cannot be created on the Due since it does not have a filesystem. (Maybe I can create a section of RAM on the Due for this purpose?)

Please let me know if there is anything I’m missing, or if this is a lost endeavor so I can plan my next steps. Thank you for your time!

EDIT: In regards to what I’ve changed, I’ve tried:

  • Changing the data_register assignment to gpio_io[7:0], gpio[15:8] in the everloop.v file on line 82 (made [15:0]gpio_io an input for that module)
  • Changing the everloop instantiated module in the wb_everloop.v file on line 55 (I’ve tried changing data_everloop to gpio_io by creating a wire called [15:0] gpio_io)
  • Assigning data_en to a extension GPIO on the Creator and connecting it to a GPIO on the Due that is held HIGH (1) (in tandem with the above changes, I thought maybe it wasn’t working because the data wasn’t being enabled. I also tried this with the pin held LOW (0) thinking maybe it was an enable low)
  • Changing the everloop instantiated module in the system.v file on line 433 (I’ve tried connecting .wb_dat_i to gpio_io)

There were some other changes I’ve tried that I can’t remember right now, but those stood out as they seemed to be close to what’s controlling the LEDs.

EDIT2: Picture of my setup!