AlexaSDK Everloop Colors

I prefer the Alexa Idle color to be Blue.

After poking around in the Sample App code, it appears that the Idle color is already set to Blue?

In EverloopControl.cpp, you’ve got this:

case DialogUXState::IDLE:

That sure looks like the color is being set to Blue.

However, in everloop.cpp, it has this:

    buff[addr_offset] =;
    buff[addr_offset+1] =;
    buff[addr_offset+2] = led.white;
    buff[addr_offset+3] =;
    addr_offset +=4;

Is this correct? Are white and blue reversed?

Thank you,


I think you are right @gapdev, did you tested with the white and blue colors swapped like this?

    buff[addr_offset] =;
    buff[addr_offset+1] =;
    buff[addr_offset+2] =;
    buff[addr_offset+3] = led.white;
    addr_offset +=4; 

Let me know .

Thank you for the feedback

Yes, I swapped those two lines so it looks like above, and the Idle Color is now blue.


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