Any chance someone can get this working with the Creator

So this looks promising I was hoping someone might be skilled enough to port with matrix creator.

So I posted to him about the using MC in his project
he replied that he needed api to fetch and control the lights connected to this board and also a way to receive sensors events. is there such a thing built into the malos?

Would be glad to help him.

Indeed, he can use MALOS layer to do it. MALOS is an abstraction layer that exposes, in this case, the LEDs functions using Protocol Buffers through a ZMQ connection:

This communication here would be :
Your Python App -> Protobuf messages over ZMQ -> MALOS -> HAL (C++ layer) -> MATRIX Creator

Another option would be to access directly from python without using MALOS. We know about this
Python driver for Matrix Creator / Voice from cmetz. Note that this repo is not officially supported by us. But we see it as a good option too.

Let us know how it goes and if you have any more questions