Anyone explain Yaw limitations?

I am doing a project that tracks a boom rotating on the Z axis.

Looking at some output, I see the yaw values changing a bit. Is this normal for yaw? Can someone explain the characteristics of yaw and what limitations it has?


Can you give more details here?

Take into account that the sensor can have an offset. There is a really good discussion about that here. But I am not sure if that the problem you are having.

Let me know.


In my project, I am hoping to avoid using proximity switches to know when to stop a boom. To do so, I want to be sure I know the limitations of it.

Does the matrix need to be in the horizontal position?

What number of degree swing should I expect when stationary?


You can check specifics of the sensor LSM9DS1. I think you will have to do your own tests because in general, these sensors are pretty sensitive to magnetic interference from metal object nearby.

The yaw value provided by HAL library is not tilt compensated, this means that not been horizontal will produce some change in the yaw value.