Anyone know HOME ASSISTANT and FIBARO montion sensor with MATRIX connection?


I’ve successful build ZWAVE IP network from MATRIX CREATOR and add a device FIBARO MOTION SENSOR. Now I’d like to use HOME ASSISTANT to connect to this ZWAVE network and control FIBARO MOTION SENSOR.
But I’m newb about HOME ASSISTANT.
How can I install a interface can control and visualization the databases of FIBARO MOTION SENSOR?

Anyone have some ideas or instruction follow ?

Thanks in advance

Hello @bluegreen,

Really cool that you managed to connect the motion sensor. Do you have any video?

Regarding using Home Assistant we haven’t release a guide for it yet but it looks like a awesome for home automation. Maybe you can find help checking here in the documentation.


install homeassistant locally on the rpi and then eventually it would work, if you just add this to your home assistant configuration.yaml

  usb_path: /dev/ttyS0

as described here:

Hello Yoel
Thanks for your answer. Any video? Do you mean the video about the motion sensor and matrix creator I’ve made? For now I just connet it with MATRIX. But for visualisation the data ,it need a FIBARO homecentercontroller. I didn’t buy this . So I trid to connect it with HOME ASISTANT.

And I’ve installed a Raspberry camera V2 in Matrix Creator.If I’d like to use it to active on/off the whole network system (someone show face before the camera to active), how can do that?

I used another Raspberry and install Home asistant with image. Then I add

usb_path: /dev/ttyS0

to configuration.yaml

Can I do this and control the ZWAVE raspberry and MATRIX creator ?

to get this working the rpi with homeassistant needs the creator attached. i never tried from an image. i installed the docker environment by hand.

I’ve installed home assistant locally on the rpi raspbian Matrix creator and then add
usb_path: /dev/ttyS0
to configuration.yaml
But after that I run pi@raspb:~/libzwaveip/build $ ./reference_client -s fd00:aaaa::3, it show the erreur and can’t not control ZWAVE network under matrix creator.

PSK not configured - using default
connect: Network is unreachable
Error connecting

I went to the Home asistant platform, and went to Z-Wave Network Management ,tried to add node ,but don’t work .There is no device can be added.

Do you know the solution?

sorry i do not have any zwave devices. so never tested with zwave.