App Store is LIVE!


Hey all,

We just released our extremely alpha version of the app store. So alpha, you’ll probably break something. But that’s okay! We’re watching… We’ve developed 6 small apps you can deploy to your device by running matrix install appName.

  • matrix create to make your app scaffolding.
  • matrix deploy your app to make sure that it works the way you want.
  • matrix publish and it’s available for download via matrix install command!

Visit it via or check out our blog post about it below.



It all seems to work but when I try to run one of the apps I get a cannot connect to device error message. Any idea what the problem might be on my end?


Hi all,

i get this error when i try to install an app from the store. any ideas?

“Installation progress:
Awaiting installation on Device…
Unable to reach device, the application will be installed as soon as your device is available”




Did the issue get resolved?