.asoundrc file for microphone array in browser context (for WebRTC, SpeechRec

I’d like to simply access the microphone array from chromium-browser context (running on the mated PI), to process via the excellent WebRTC or SpeechRecognition APIs.

Go here as a test on a Pi connected to Matrix.One.

If you can record and playback from the latter page on the connected PI, you’ve answered my question, and please share how you did it. :slight_smile:

How to get the microphone array to work as a source in chromium-browser?
What is the .asoundrc file for this?

I’ve tried everything in this thread:

Conceptually simple to test, but I can’t get sound to show up from browser context.

Thanks if you have any ideas here. I suppose the general solution would help for microphone access by any program, not just the browser context.

Hi i’m also looking in a way to record sound, for a 360 camera project where i’m working for.
Now i have alexa working, en looking to make commands like take 360 photo. But to stream sound along would be great with WebRTC.

Chrome 59 has cross-platform headless support