ASR not running

Hi, I wasn’t a recipient of the Matrix hardware, but doing my best with what I have. I am using google aiy voice kit with raspberry or zero running snips but I’m unable to get get it running after the wake-word (Jarvis), in check Sam status I notice snips-analytics and snips-asr aren’t running. Need help here Thanks

Hi @Bvgo,

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Glad you’re building your project anyway; it is always great for the maker community to have more examples to build from :smiley:

In this community, we generally help troubleshoot MATRIX hardware-specific issues.

snips-analytics needs to be manually activated and does not run by default, so it makes sense that it is not running. Regarding snips-asr, the Snips support team on their forum will be best able to help you, so I recommend posting there.


How do I do this, turn them ON,



Just checked and it seems Snips has deprecated the snips-analytics service as discussed here.

Snips forum support can help you out with the snips-asr issue. You can also check out steps 6 and 7 from the Snips troubleshooting page.