Audio quality of microphones

I’ve started to use our Creator board as a microphone array via the HAL, but based on the output of micarray_recorder I’m a bit concerned about the quality of the audio.

It would seem the sensitivity is particularly low, with even a relatively loud source less than 1m away only registering at -30db, and all the microphones having some amount of DC offset (with each microphone having a differing amount, either positive or negative).

I can see there is a gain value, but it seems this is just for the beamformed channel on channel 8.

Is there any steps to increase the sensitivity of the microphones?

Also, I see reference to a 48khz recording option becoming available. Is there any details for that as it is important for intended use.

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I guess malos service is not running in the background…

No, I saw the other issues with that, and disabled the service.

The actual clarity of the audio isn’t that bad, just the sensitivity and DC offset.

I can’t answer your question but there is an official youtube video where recognition from long distances is demoed. Can’t find it, but maybe there is a link for some code there.

Has this question been answered? I´m seeing a significant offset that is different for all of the microphones in the array. Is that expected?