Autostarting NODE_ENV=rc node index.js

Hey there,

i wanted to autostart matrix on each reboot but i can’t get it to work.

I downloaded lxterm and created a the desktop files in /home/pi/.config/autostart

It is working with all those Alexa Services and also with the Matrix Wake Word Agent.

But when lxterm opens its window and sends the command the LEDs are going till 15% and the Window closes without getting any information what is wrong.
Or to say it better there is something getting said but its closing way too fast :frowning:

Either way i need to find out where on my raspberry pi Matrix writes its logs or i need a pause command like on windows batch files ^^

Does anywhere a logfile exists which could tell me what is wrong?

Running NODE_ENV=rc node index.js via ssh works without problems.
These are the Settings in my Autostart-File:

pi@pi-01:~/.config/autostart$ cat 04-lxterm-matrixos.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Startet Matrix OS
Exec=/usr/bin/lxterm -T ‘Matrix-OS’ -e ‘cd /home/pi/matrix-os && NODE_ENV=rc node index.js’

Best regards