BAD audio from micarray_recorder


I am new to this platform and have the Matrix Creator board up and running with a Pi 3. I ran the demo:

and converted to a .wav file using sox:

sox -r 16000 -c 1 -b 16 -e signed mic_16000_s16le_channel_4.raw mic_16000_s16le_channel_4.wav

When I play this file, I can barely hear what was said and there is a choppy noise very loud over the top. The wav file is here:

Has anybody else experienced this? Maybe I got a bad board? Seems like this should work out of the box?

Thanks in advance…

Hi @kc_dev,

Some user have experienced and the issue is resolved. basicly the problem should be that you have malos service running at same time you run your micarray_recorder demo.

try killing malos service using this before running the demo:

sudo pkill malos

you can also read here: Noise in sound recording

Hope this help


Thanks Yoel. Fixed it. I’m still getting up to speed on the various abstractions you guys have for the board.

Is there a readme file that describes what each of the demos are supposed to do?

Great !

I assume you are using HAL demos , Those are simple demos intended to be self describing. But if you you to know something specific just ask here in the community.