Bad quality of audio from micarray in Matrix Creator

I need to use the Matrix Creator as a recorder device as part of my project. I set up matrix-creator-hal on the device and was able to run the recorder example given in the demos. My setup includes Raspberry Pi 3 if that helps. But, the quality of the recording from the Matrix is really poor. I’m taking the beamforming output, assuming it cancels some noise and would give me an averaged output, but the sound output is worse than recording on a tablet, which I was using initially. I need to replace the tablet because I need to be able to record voice from a little more distance. I’ve attached three .wav files, keeping the Matrix at different distances of approximately 0.5m, 1.5m, and 2.5m from the speaker. Please help if I’m doing something wrong, or the matrix beamforming is of similar quality and requires DSP on the output to remove the noise.
The files:

Are you running MalOS?

No. I am using the Hardware Abstraction Layer. The matrix installation guide didn’t mention installing malos for running the hal demos.