Basic Atrchitecture


I am very new in IoT and MATRIX world. Can someone please explain following

  1. How should I achieve by getting sensor value from Matrix Creator and then Push to Cloud HTML5 application?

  2. How can I send a command from Cloud HTML5 Application to Matrix Creator?

  3. How can I make sure java script coded app deployed in Matrix is correct? Is there a way to debug ?

Thanks in advance.


  1. You can get the application data directly via webhooks. ( Contact us for more info )
  2. We are announcing our Dashboard shortly, which will let you trigger MATRIX events. Supporting a true external application is still a little ways out for us. Maybe by mid year.
  3. When you deploy, a configuration validation and linter is run vs your code, but it is still possible to upload bad code. By watching your device logs matrix logs you can see what applications are doing.

Thanks for the reply !!