BeagleBone Integration


I am interested in using the Matrix Voice for a project with the BeagleBone Blue rather than a RaspberryPi. I am wondering if there is any existing work on either the hardware or software integration with BeagleBone.

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Currently, we working on ASUS tinker board and Up board, we will share some recipes for no Raspberries

In summary,

You need fix the FPGA programmer

Fix the class that talks to the FPGA

Good news soon,


– afc

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@andres.calderon any luck on the UP recipes? I’ve got most of ecosystem working on an Up2 (compiled a working version of WiringPI with the correct pin mappings etc), but I’m currently doing a debug on an error:

MATRIX device has not been detected
You can query specific driver info using port 20012.
Registered driver IMU with port 20013.
Registered driver Humidity with port 20017.
Registered driver Everloop with port 20021.
Registered driver Pressure with port 20025.
Registered driver UV with port 20029.
Segmentation Fault

Before the malos updates last week, I had gotten as far as malos firing up, but it consumed 100% of the CPU, and though some Hal JS tests worked (e.g. temperature) everloop test did not. Guessing this is relating to the SPI interfacing (which it should be noted are listed as /dev/spidev1.0 and /dev/spidev1.1 on the Up2, and I’ve adjusted accordingly).

Any tips or progress your side I can use to progress with?