Beginner issue for Matrix OS install

Please excuse any ignorance on my part. I’ve looked into Raspi projects and really enjoyed what I saw when it came to the Matrix Creator.

Problem is however, I’m having trouble getting started.

It’s not clear to me what form of command prompt is being used in the getting started video on Admobilize’s YT channel.

I installed node.js on windows and I’m now stuck not understanding exactly where I’m typing these commands.

Hey @Brums05!

Are you referring to the shell that they are using in Terminal? If so then that is a Zsh shell with Oh_my_zsh installed. Although I’m not familiar with windows as much I believe it has a Terminal app where you would type in the commands presented in the video.

Thank you. Is both client PC and Pi commands being run from this terminal or is the pi side being commanded through a native terminal? Looks like the latter.

@Brums05 This is a screen capture video, so both of these terminals in the video are on the instructors computer. The one on the left is the PI terminal that is being ssh’d into from the instructors computer using an ethernet cable and the one of the right is his terminal for his laptop.

You can find your Raspberry Pi’s IP address using
arp -a | grep b8:27:eb

So arp is for the address resolution protocol that will list all IP addresses on a network. The grep command filters this list, I believe you can use findstr on Windows to accomplish the same thing. The b8:27:eb is the beginning of Raspberry PI’s mac address. So for Windows I think the command it would be:

arp -a | findstr b8:27:eb

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.

Once you have the Pi’s Ip address then you would ssh using:

ssh pi@your.pi.ip.address

Enter your password, which is probably ‘raspberry’, and your good to go to follow the rest of install.

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