Big things are happening at MATRIX Labs

The homepage inficates big news: “Big things are happening at MATRIX Labs! In early June, a momentous announcement will be shared regarding MATRIX Creator which re-imagines an Internet of Things for Everyone™. We are really proud of what is about to happen…”

What do you think that it could be? I assume that they will announce a proper PyAudio / Portaudio support. That would be really great.

Sounds like a sell or an investment round to me but what do I know.

I think that it will not have much impact, maybe a big reseller from the Raspberry Pi world.

Either the announcement is postponed or …

Everything seems to be postponed with this company. I actually ordered and paid for a matrix creator on April 21st, before they removed the purchasing ability from the live website. And have been given 5 different dates and now I am just ignored at this point. My guess as to what the announcement is? They do not even know at this point, just something to throw up there to distract from the fact they take peoples money and fail to deliver.

Hey, i was right with my second assumption!/announcement

And the second one will imply the first one as more sold devices results in more users and more pressure and development and in the end we will get proper Python / PyAudio / Portaudio support. Perfect news.