Camera and Sensor Apps


Matrix-OS is working just fine with me but,
when i install sensorTest it tells me that Sensor Install is not working now.

and for face,demographic and gesture Tests. i have installed them but
when i start anyone of them the output is
Face <Buffer (whole bunch of numbers)> SERVICE ERROR undefined

i made sure that the camera works by raspistill.

so what should i do ???

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I am also receiving Face SERVICE ERROR undefined. I am trying to configure my app to use

engine: detection
type: demographics
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is that working for you ??
cuz iā€™m not

Seems like your malos_eye may not be running.

Please open a ssh session to your device and run pkill -9 malos_eye

Then run malos_eye in that session. See if it that process updates when you run the faceTest.

If install is not working, please check the version of the CLI with the command matrix