Camera for computer vision


I am new with the matrix creator and I’ve setup everything from raspberry pi to apps and everything works fine. I want to try the computer vision apps such as face,palm etc. and i also have a pi camera connected to the pi. There was no mention of how to access the pi camera or requirement of extra setup. All i see is sample code for gestures and face. Hence, my question is, do i need to setup anything else for the apps to work? . I was wondering that no where it was mentioned that a camera would be required but i assumed it would, so should i have a separate camera on the matrix or would the pi connected camera suffice?

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No one answer this question? I’ve the same question.

The Raspberry Pi camera will be enough.

yeah but stills the demographic or gesture script doesn’t work. I’ve created a separate thread for this issue which can be found in the below link. The camera doesn’t open and that’s the reason i asked whether any extra setup required.

I am also wondering about this. I have a Matrix Voice and want to do some vision stuff with it. First, I want to do some basic blob tracking. If I can’t find anything for Matrix, I’ll just have to try it with the bare Pi and turn the matrix into a voice thingy. :slight_smile: