Camera Mounting Instructions

Are there any special instructions on mounting the camera to the board? In the included pamphlet the dimensions for the Pi stand-offs are mentioned, but not the camera.

  • What size screws are required? Same M2/M3 as for the Pi?
  • What material? Same nylon as for the Pi or metal?
  • Any other spacers such as extra washers?
  • What about the cable? Is the standard cable supplied with the Raspberry Pi cameras acceptable or is another type of cable required?

Hi TheOtherNeo,

Mounting the camera is pretty simple and straight forward, you can either use an M2 or M1.8 nylon screw or you could simply tape it.

We typically recommend using nylon screws just as a preventative measure incase the metal screws cause any RF interference or short the boards.

You could use a 2-3mm spacer but we typically just screw it in till the ribbon cable of the camera module is flat against the MATRIX Creator.

Yes, the normal cable for the Raspberry Pi is fine. To connect the camera you just need to insert the ribbon cable into the camera ribbon cable slot on the Raspberry Pi.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the feedback.

Maybe you could consider an option to include the screws etc? It’s not that easy to find such items everywhere.

Thats a good idea. We’ll definitely look into it!

Thanks for this - I wondered about this too.

In your video for Maker Faire, it looked as if the camera might be simply taped on. But I was a little worried about insulation, shorting etc - didn’t want to damage my new Creator board! It looked like there were small mounting holes for screws, smaller than M3.

So I sourced some nylon screws and spacers - there are various sources online, e.g.

Metal screws didn’t seem right for the reasons you say. And I used small nylon spacers (basically washers) to be safe. It’s a bit fiddly to align screws, spacers, nuts etc on such a small scale, but it works well and was satisfying to complete(!)

Thanks for confirming that taping flat is OK. Might be worth including a brief mention in the documentation that either taping or M2 nylon screws work for attaching the camera?

Great board, I’m working on getting Alexa running (a few problems getting the microphone array to input audio but I’m sure I will sort those out). Looking forward to more ambitious projects combining multiple functions in future.

Glad to be part of the community, and I’m keen to see how this develops :slight_smile:

Geoff (Cambridge, UK)

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