Can Alexa functionality be blended into C++?

I have gotten where I can alter C++ examples, compile them, and run them to control the Matrix.

I have gotten Alexa functionality downloaded, setup, and can run it manually to take voice commands. It works just like an echo.

Is it possible to blend Alexa functionality to trigger my C++ altered programs?

For example, I’d like to say “Alexa, show the everloop” in the audible range of the Matrix Creator and it launch my modified everloop demo.


Maybe using Alexa skills

You can also use the Google Assistant guide we have on Hackster. And then follow the guide from Google to add custom actions for MATRIX Voice, in this case changing the LEDs.

I have built an Alexa Skill (Raising Awesome). In doing so, I found it very powerful for Alexa interaction, but not for triggering device hardware directly to date.

I could use IFTTT’s Webhooks in between the device and Alexa perhaps. I believe that would bring in some overhead such as opening a port on my router firewall.

Or, maybe I’m better off to explore the Matrix specific voice capabilities.

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I think I pulled off the functionality - not directly in C++, but good enough for my project.

I opened a remote ssh connection and ran Alexa with bash ./

I opened another ssh connection and ran the matrix OS with node index.js.

I followed the IFTTT demo to trigger a matrix OS event via an Alexa trigger statement.

matrix.on('ClockCraneTrigger', (condition) => {



I said to my Matrix, “Alexa Trigger my Clock Crane Trigger” and poof it worked…at least for just flashing white LEDs.

I’ll make a more complex app to better test it, but it looks like this will do the trick for my project. I just got to get it to boot up and launch all that stuff on its own.

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