Can Everloop display results?

Hi All,

I recently acquired a Matrix Voice ESP32 and I should say I’m not really a programmer but I’m VERY comfortable in Linux.

I would like to implement MQTT-Audio-Streamer, Rhasspy and Home Assistant.

What I want to do is ask the Matrix Voice something like “[wakeword] show me the battery charge level” and that triggers a query to HASS for the charge level and it displays it visually on the Everloop, there are 18 LEDs so that’s close enough to 5% of “charge” per LED.

I found the Everloop JS Example it’s a bit over my head.

Is this possible for a non-programmer to get going?

It seems like a cool use case to me.


On reading some more I’m thinking this might be a question for Romkabouter, as it will probably depend if the code on the ESP32 has a way for the manipulate the LED’s through an API of some sort?

Yes, the everloopTask has a for loop:

        for (hal::LedValue &led : image1d.leds) {
   = r;
   = g;
   = b;
            led.white = w;

This sets every led, but you can also do some leds and not all.
So instead of image1d.leds, this should be another number.