Can't create Matrix Lab account

I’ve installed Matrix Labs (Unreleased) for android.
The create account form has two fields, email & password.
I keep getting told, “password must be alphanumeric”.
Pretty sure everything I’ve typed was alphanumeric.
No utf-8 or emoji here.

The same here: When trying to register it always tells “Password must be alphanumeric” (@DEVs: seriously? We’ve got 2018 and utf-8 is not hot stuff anymore you know…) and when trying to use the login i’ve created at, authentication fails…

Hey guys
Sorry for the late reply @jwindberg, we are looking into this issue and will come back with an update soon

@happenpappen, you managed to create your account using the Android app but are now unable to login via

No, the other way round: created the account on and it’s not working in the app.