Changing wakeword for Alexa implemented on Matrix Voice

How exactly can I change the wakeword for the below C++ Alexa implementation? For example I would like to say “Apple” instead of “Alexa”. I’ve tried downloading matrix-malos-wakeword from github, but I’m not sure how I can integrate it with Alexa. Is there any specific file I can amend to set up a new wakeword (or a number of wakewords)?

Hi @GeorgeMina,

Our matrix-malos-wakeword example is actually deprecated. We will be removing it from our docs & GitHub soon!

I found this thread from someone who seems to be trying something similar to what you want. You may be able to use Snowboy to create your custom wakeword as discussed in the thread. Alexa also seems to have a list of per-determined wakewords, other than Alexa, that you can pick from. Seems like you should be able to change it with a voice command as shown here.


Hi Samreen,

For the latter link, I tried saying “Change the wake word” to my AVS, but the response I got was “Sorry, changing the wakeword is not available on this device”.

For the former link, I tried using Pocketsphinx, it recognizes my custom word library but I was not sure how to integrate it with AVS… Looking at (Snowboy), it says you can create your wakeword, download a .mdl file and you plug it right in.

So in regards to integrating Snowboy with AVS, I found this thread saying:

The following changes to /avs-device-sdk/SampleApp/src/SampleApplication.cpp have to be made when building the SampleApp:

  • Change the path to your own pmdl-file at the bottom accordingly."

I assume the pmdl file is the detector file for Snowboy. If you have any knowledge/suggestions here, do let me know; otherwise I’ll just proceed to try using Snowboy and integrating it with AVS.