CLI PC Login issue

Hi All,

I am trying to install the CLI on my PC and registering a device. when i try to login, i can write my username but i get thrown out as soon as i start tying my password. what is wrong here? It says “user authentication Error: missing password parameter”

i have previously set up CLI on Raspberry PI and i can login just fine. but this leads to another error trying to install an app from the app store: “Install is not yet functional. Do NOT use.”

Help please.


Seems like you have an old version of the cli. What version do you see when you matrix

my version is 1.2.7 -rc .i believe this is the latest, no?

That is odd. That is the error message we had from before install was functional. Now it is though.

Are you on Windows? Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling the CLI globally?

Already tried more than once.
Yes this error is happening on windows 10 desktop.
I have cli running and i can login fine from my Pi

Ok, so there are two errors going on.

One seems like your npm cache on the PI might be old? That error message is no longer in the CLI codebase.


npm uninstall -g matrix-cli
npm cache clean
npm install -g matrix-cli

The other one seems like a windows specific bug, I will escalate that to get fixed.