[Closed] Visit us at CES 2019!

If you would like to visit us at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, send us a message on the community, social media or comment on this post so we can set up a meeting by 01/9/19! We would love to hear from you :grin:

Would love to find time to connect. I’ve worked several of your devices with various results. Would like to show you our ideas for voice integration.

I am using the matrix for customers and I would love to meet up at CES and chat about it. I will be available anytime tomorrow at CES. Just let me know when and where. Thank you for making an awesome product!

Could either of you meet with us today? Our team member @MATRIX_Alfred is currently at the Google building outside the LVCC. Let us know! @Dylan @jbernal

Big line to get into that building at the moment.

I am currently in Chicago flying into Vegas late tonight. Anytime tomorrow would work.

Unfortunately, we leave tomorrow morning, but would love to connect sometime and hear about what you are doing :smile:

Alfred is now leaving the Google building and heading over to the Hackster booth. Let us know if you want to meet there!

Is that the avnet booth? Do you know which hall that is? I could probably be there around 3:30 pm. Otherwise it’s not a big deal.


Anthony (Joey) Bernal - Co-Founder, President
SensorInsight LLC

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Cell: 832.574.1858 | Office: 832.532.4056 ext 102


Awesome, Alfred will meet you there at 3:30pm. :smiley:

Yes, it is the Avnet booth at Westgate - 2609 in the IoT area.

Would appreciate if you could confirm if you’ll be there. Thanks!