Deploying Apps To Matrix Creator

Newb questions here. I am just getting started learning the device and have some general questions about deploying and matrix lite.

I have tried using the command line from a PC to run matrix commands against my creator. When I run list devices I can see the device and when I run list apps I can see anything that was created. Not much else works though.
matrix ping results in “client registration error”.
matrix install everloop results in “no results found”
matrix deploy results in “unable to reach device”

On my PI the malos status looks good

My questions
Is this process still valid or is this the MOS that was deprecated in Feb?
Is there a workflow diagram or documentation on how to write some code, push to the device, start the app, stop the app?

Ideally I would like to write and build code using JS/Matrix Lite on my PC and use putty to communicate with the PI. My goal is to build an app that takes advantage of the mics and camera.

Thanks for any help. Excited to use this product.

Hi @dwoods,

You are correct, the commands you mentioned were part of the MOS infrastructure that has been deprecated.

If you would like to get started with MATRIX Lite, you can check out our documentation here. Note that you must have MATRIX HAL installed before installing the JS side of the guide, HAL installation is also in the docs. For this, you would not need the malos service (MATRIX Core).

Here is a GitHub repo of MATRIX Lite JS examples for you to build off of as well. You would just have to create .js files with the example code and run them using node. So, if your file is called app.js, you would run node app.js in the terminal.

Hope this helps you get started!


Thanks for the reply. I have run the js examples but I just ran them by creating a js file on the pi and running “node filename.js” and it kicks everything off.

I was just curious if most people are developing on the pi or are you just copying over the files needed when ready to run it?
Let’s say I build a app that listens for a command and responds with something. How would I start that app remotely? Just putty in and navigate to directory and run the same node command? And when I want to turn it off I would do the same?


Yes, to run programs remotely on the Pi, we generally SSH into the Pi from our PCs (can use Putty if you are on Windows, or PowerShell for Windows 10) and then run the same node commands to run the JS files on the Pi. Your SSH terminal session from your PC is running in your Pi, so any command you type in the SSH session is executed on your Pi.

Usually what we do to edit files is use an SFTP client, so you can edit files on the Pi through your PC. You can try That way you don’t have to copy over files and can edit/execute code quickly.

Here’s a pre-workshop guide from a past workshop that shows how to set up WiFi and SSH into your Pi without needing a monitor and keyboard for it. It seems you have already flashed the SD card, but the rest may be helpful to you.


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Got it. Yeah I have already setup to use SSH and putty and I have connected and done a few things. Thanks for confirming the workflow.

appreciate all the help!