Device Not Found


I’ve just received my Matrix Creator and am having a problem getting it to do anything.

I followed the instructions starting with installing the CLI on my MacBook Pro, I then setup my Raspberry Pi 3 as instructed. Everything seemed to install fine.

I went back to my Mac and logged into my account and installed the clock example which seemed to install fine. When I start the clock example it seems to start fine but nothing happens on the Creator.

Next step, based on what I read in the forums I tried starting the clock app directly from the matrix-os folder using START_APP=clock node index.js and aside from a Firebase error the terminal says — Application clock started — but nothing happens.

I then tried NODE_ENV=dev node index.js and at the very end I get:

Device Error { status: ‘error’, status_code: 400, error: ‘Device not found.’ }

The only thing I ever see on the Creator is a blue LED which I assume is indicating power.

Short of starting over does anyone have any ideas what I might be able to do?



Hey @gwthompson,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues, I hope we can get this figured out quickly. This looks like you haven’t created a new device, or set your environment variables on the Raspberry Pi. Which docs are you referring to when starting?

If you want to use the MATRIX OS and the CLI, try referencing matrix documentation. It should get you from A-Z. If you have any issues following these steps, please let us know.


I am currently having the same issue. My device is properly registered but I get this 400 error. It’s the same problem as for this github issue but I can’t reach anyone.

Have you got more info here?