Device Not Registered Properly, Newbie Needs Help

I’m working on my first installation/setup of my new Matrix Creator & Raspberry Pi setup. I thought everything was working at first, but I must have tweaked something the wrong way and now the system is telling me my device is not correctly configured…

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ cd matrix-os
pi@raspberrypi:~/matrix-os $ node index.js
Environment Selected: production
Loading… device
Loading… event
Loading… service
Missing registration information! This device is not correctly configured.
You can use MATRIX CLI to create a device in the platform and then add the MATRIX_DEVICE_ID and MATRIX_DEVICE_SECRET variables.

If you continue to have problems, please reach out to our support forums at
pi@raspberrypi:~/matrix-os $

API: Streaming:
User: Device: dd9fcaf689de Locale: en Env: rc

pi@raspberrypi:~/matrix-os $ matrix list all

│ Device │ App Name │
│ dd9fcaf689de │ │
│ │ HumidityColorPicker │
│ │ sensorTest │

Could someone please give me a hint as to what I’ve done wrong, or how how to check and reconfigure my device?


did you export your MATRIX_DEVICE_ID and MATRIX_DEVICE_SECRET before you start node index.js?

check it with:


you should have got some export commands when you performed the “matrix register device” action, e.g.:

export MATRIX_DEVICE_ID=xxxxxxxxxxx
export MATRIX_DEVICE_SECRET=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

check the steps here

Thanks for the help. I appreciate your quick response. I’ll walk through the process again. I actually had the Creator working at an earlier point in the install process, but then messed something up. I’ve successfully installed Matrix CLI onto the Raspberry Pi and the system tells me the device is registered.

I’ll go over everything again and determine what I missed or messed up.



Okay, I was able to get the Creator running and displaying heartbeats. But I still cannot ping the unit. And when I try to run one of the two installed apps, the system is telling me the platform is not available.

I’ll keep working at trying to figure out the issue. I feel that I am on the verge of having everything working properly, but there is seemingly small issue that needs correcting.

Thanks again,