Device Offline / Unable to Reach Device

Hi - new here and just received my Matrix Creator - running OS and CLI off of my Raspberry Pi 3.

Everything is installed - trying to run senorTest app, but Dashboard says the device is “offline” and the CLI says “unable to reach device”

Any advice?

The CLI doesn’t have to run on the Rpi3, actually it’s probably better if you run it on a different Windows, OSX or Linux machine. Also check your connectivity in the Rpi3.

We encourage you to use the community site so is easier for you to get help from our tech team and the community as your issue is shared to others too.

Let us know how it goes.

I am posting the email you sent to me this way other team members can help too:

your email:

Ok - I switched to a Windows laptop for the CLI.
We can’t get Matrix app to connect via Bluetooth and so always says device is offline/not available. Any advice on how to make sure Rpi and Matrix configured properly to allow to be recognized as online/connected?
I had first posted to community - but no response there, so figured I’d reach out to keep my son working away!
Thanks so much - it’s a lot of fun

Please , wait for some help here in the community from a team member.


Thanks - how do I get someone from Team to respond?


Do you have the CLI and MOS updated? If not try

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Also you may want to run it with the DEBUG=* flag

Let us know if this helps