Device Registration Issue

Device ID │ Name │ Description │ ok │ Last Online │
│xxxxx │ xxx │ bla bla │ no │ 48 years ago │

Why does my device say NOT OK and last online 48 years ago ???
It seems to have registered but it doesnt seem to do much else – cant ping from desktop and cant log in with android app…
This whole device seems very buggy still for something that has been on the market for as long as it has ??
Documentation is also a complete dogs breakfast
Conflicting information fromdifferent places - broken links – where is the most complete USEFUL set of docs to be found currently

In general, I agree with your sentiment. Buyers of the Matrix should be given a clear warning before purchase that the software for it is in alpha status and that both patience (lots of it…) and experience with embedded and application software is required in order to use what is currently usable.

However, the devs do their best to improve the situation, and it does improve. Perhaps not at the speed we’d like it to, but there is continuous progress. There’s plenty of projects / products that get abandoned after the kickstarter / crowdfunding phase and that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

The product has a tremendous potential. Personally I am waiting for improved software (at least Kernel / HAL parts). Once that has been brought to a proper “release” status, I will order several more Creators for my own home project and probably a bunch for the company I work at, for use in demonstrators, hackathons and other fun projects.

So let’s encourage the devs instead of picking on them. I’m sure they’re doing the best they can to improve :slight_smile:

dont get me wrong IronClaw – i think this has awesome potential and if it is ever fully useable would be a game changer - but right now its very frustrating – i guess its just a wait and see game again - i dont really want to put it on the shelf with all the other hardware that never works as promised because it couldbe great - but if its unuseable - its unuseable…

I would also appreciate a DEV or someone explaining the error im getting and possible ways to fix it - if any are known as yet…