DIY Getting sensor values without matrix-os or account


i am new here and a french geek :slight_smile:
I tested some stuff but i have a question.

I bought the creator only for sensors and mostly for the mic array : its cool ;), i doesn’t want a kinnect device in every room ^^. so the creator is perfect for this.

If i use RPI3, it’s means i like DIY, but here iam dependent of your server for the other sensors.
How can i get sensors values directly ? without matrix account i mean.

thanks you

Hi @kirakishin,

You can use the lower level libraries like HAL or MALOS instead of the high level MOS that does not required the account.

Using MALOS you can starting getting data from the sensors with the exmaples in NodeJS. Also MALOS is designed to allow comunicate others languages using 0MQ and Protocol Buffers.

You can also use HAL, C++ Library for communicating with the MATRIX Creator boards and get all the sensor data.

It looks like you are interested in DIY mic boards, so check our latest product on indiegogo … MATRIX Voice !