Doa does not work!

I have already install matrix-creator-malos
micarray and led are works good! but I tried test_doa.js, it not work, why?
I got a log “Sending pings every 5 seconds” from terminal, no other reaction.
doa in js not work?

Hi @winter,

The DoA on MATRIX Core has not been fully developed yet.

A good implementation of DoA on MATRIX devices is in MATRIX HAL with C++ using a third party library called ODAS. You can check out how to implement it from our Hackster guide here.

Hope this helps!


So, when can you finish js or python version?

Can you release an example of a nodejs version?

Hi @winter,

Would ODAS work for your application? ODAS stores its data in a json object that you may be able to read in and parse from nodejs. Note that we haven’t tried this ourselves.

The main thing to keep in mind is that ODAS is quite process heavy. If your application allows that, it should be okay.

We like ODAS as it is sophisticated and performs direction of arrival effectively. So, it has worked well for us to use that instead of recreating our own DoA algorithm.

Also, if you are still using MATRIX Core, I recommend migrating your code to MATRIX Lite. It is very easy and much more intuitive to program with. Installation steps here.


Hi @Samreen, sorry for my late reply, but I find that your code is still not updated. I have parsed the JSON object of ODAS as you said, and ODAS works normally.

But when I run odaslive at the same time and use Matrix Lite to call micarray, it appears Cannot open audio device hw:2,0: device or resource busy.

So can you update ODAS into Matrix Lite?
Can you finish this test_doa.js?