DOA matrix voice

i have matrix voice
I would like to see the number of LED is on the DOA algorithm in the terminal environment.

Hey Enayat,

Go to ~/odas/demo/matrix-demos/ and edit the file matrix-odas.cpp. In that file, print the variable bus.MatrixLeds() to see the number of LED’s in the device you are using. That is the same variable that is used in the for loop to set the LED colors.

You can see the ODAS example with LED’s and a servo reacting to direction of arrival of audio here.

You can also check out a video of DoA with servo and LEDs using ODAS here.


but I’m gonna see the number light LED in the terminal environment and save in txt file.

I printed the variable bus.MatrixLeds()and just get " number=18"

please answer me
i neet for this answer

Are you asking for the number of the led’s that are on? That is algorithmic and you can print the index of the led from the for-loop with an if-statement which keeps track of the “max_energy” variable and prints the led index accordingly.