Does Matrix support ES6?

Does the Matrix environment support ES6? It appears to run JSHINT as part of deployment and the settings for that seems to complain about ES6 features. It does not like const or let instead of var. It does not like lambda expressions for function. If the JSHINT configuration is exposed somewhere, I could change settings. I failed to find it in a cursory look around.

We have been playing it safe with ES6. As it stands, we’re installing node 6.7 to devices which supports almost all of the new features. We are limited in supporting newer versions of Node due to a critical dependency not being currently supported on node >= 6.8.

However, we don’t want to limit your use and enjoyment of the MATRIX. We put the JSHINT warnings in there to make people mindful of the code they upload. Those settings are found at /usr/local/lib/node_modules/matrix-cli/.jshintrc.

Thanks for the feedback though, it would be worth it to enable ES6 for applications, since those could support a newer runtime.