Does the matrix voice creator have tx,rx pin?

I use RF UART CC1101 433Mhz HC-11 on raspberry, it communicates with UART, I use pin number 14 and 15 on raspberry. But when I combined with matrix voice creator, I couldn’t find its pin. I saw the pin layout of MTV but I can’t know the Uart interface pin, please help me, thank you!

Hi @tonluongdung,

Are you using the MATRIX Voice standard version? If so, the RPi’s GPIO14 and GPIO15 are unused and can be routed via the FPGA directly to MATRIX Voice expansion GPIO pins of your choice which you can then use from there.

If you are using an ESP32 version and are utilizing the ESP32, then the UART TX and RX pins are being used for communication with the ESP32 microcontroller.

If you are not using the ESP32, you can directly wire the PI_TX and PI_RX pins to 2 MATRIX Voice GPIO pins in the FPGA using the guide here.

If you can wait a day or two, I can make this change and synthesize this FPGA configuration for you, then all you would have to do is flash the new .bit configuration to the FPGA using the directions here.

Let me know what works for you!


thank you very much and sorry for my bad english I use the matrix voice creator version but yesterday ,I ordered a USB UART CP2102 to communicate with RF UART CC1101 via Usb port for raspberry, it is very effective. Maybe I don’t need to use tx vs rx pins anymore. But thanks for Your enthusiastic help. Have a nice day!

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