Doing on-board word/phrase detection


Great, where i can read more about your technology, webpage, github repositories youtube demonstration etc.?


I’d also like to know about that Brighten. Ive seen similar in a project named ‘Snips’ but they do not allow custom wake words.

As for the topic, here are some samples of Snowboy working on the matrix. The wakeword recognition is on par with my echo dots. Everloop turns on when Keyword is detected.

The latency issue now seems to be Wit.AI response time with my project. Time to test other STT API’s to try and reduce that.


Just chiming in, new to the boards. Just got my Matrix Creator and got it up and running.

I’m aiming to use Google API’s, but through custom wake word detection. So basically I want to use a custom wakeword, then parse the command that follows through Google. In other words, I’m trying to replace “Hey Google / OK Google” with something else. So if my wakeword is “Mootrix”, I’d say “Mootrix, what time is it” and the Google assistant would reply with the current time.

Why? Simply because I don’t like saying “Hey Google” all day…

Following this topic with interest!