ESP arduino - no Pi

I’m looking for instructions as to how to program with no Pi. Any reference schetchs?

Yup, try this

First time, you really need a Pi, after that you can use OTA.

Or try this:

Thanks, I looked at it. An interesting project, great job.
But, in my opinion, firstly, i need to create a tool for measuring and visualization. like ODAS, but without its problems.
It is here that I first want to focus, so I chose Things, which are better suited to my taste to implement this.
Because I need not only a tool connected with a computer (tablet), but also a completely standalone tool.

OK, but you mention Arduino and sketches :wink:

For flashing standalone, you can also use platformio, I am busy with a project right now.
But there is now way to flash the voice without a Pi, except for the second link I posted.
The most easy way is to connect is to a Pi.
In the first link, there is a file, which consist of the flash command, but it first creates a tar file of the needed bin files and pipes that via SSH to you Pi and extract is there.

If you examine how that script works, you can basically build in any environment and flash the software with that script. After that, the Voice will run standalone but reflashing needs again the Pi