ESP Setup w/ VS Code

I am using the guide ESP32 MATRIX to setup the Matrix Voice for OTA and having some problems. I installed git, VS Code and PlatformIO. I added the .platformio\penv\Scripts foder that is in my Username folder to the path variable. I cloned the repository into a projects folder. In VS Code I opened platformio.ini and changed the SSID and PASS to my router and password.

The next step is to set the upload port to the IP of my matrix. Here, I used the IP of the Rpi it is plugged into. Tthe I hit the check mark to compile. I got this error:

> Executing task: d:\Documents\Making\PlatformIO\Projects\esp32-platformio\platformio.exe debug <

The terminal process failed to launch: Path to shell executable "d:\Documents\Making\PlatformIO\Projects\esp32-platformio\platformio.exe" does not exist.

Terminal will be reused by tasks, press any key to close it.

It looks like it’s trying to run the program I’ve just asked it to build. When I press a key “to close it,” I get a spinning wheel and the notice Building, but nothing else happens, no matter how long I let it go on.

What could be the problem here and how do I fix it? I have run through these instructions several times with the same result. Thanks for any help.