Establish Serial Connection with ESP32

In the reference docs named above it says “Connect the ESP32 board to the PC using the USB cable”
What USB cable?

Not sure, can you point me to those docs?

In the MATRIX Voice with ESP32, the UART is connected to the Raspberry Pi GPIO( see here). So, you could “talk” to the ESP32 via UART using the ttyS0 in the Rasp Pi with a software like minicom. For getting started with the ESP32 in MATRIX Voice you don’t need that . The official guide to get started with the ESP32 in the MATRIX Voice is this one Get Started w/ESP32 on the MATRIX Voice.

Do you specifically need the Serial connection with the ESP32?

Those instructions are the same, and they don’t work.
When I get to Running example project, the command
make deploy
simply does not work.
It gives:

$ make deploy
WARNING: Toolchain version is not supported: 1.22.0-73-ge28a011
Expected to see version: 1.22.0-80-g6c4433a
Please check ESP-IDF setup instructions and update the toolchain, or proceed at your own risk.
make: *** No rule to make target 'deploy'.  Stop.

No, I don’t need a Serial connection, I’m just trying to follow the instructions, which are obviously out of date.

The instructions are still correct because I used them last week.
I your other post I saw you installing the toolchain on the Pi.
Did you overlook the part which should be done on you pc maybe?

Yes I tried that. I’ve tried everything and can’t get a clean install.

Are you doing the make deploy inside the matrixio_hal_esp32/examples/mic_energy/ folder?