Everything looks fine except the message hb: sen> [] svc> []

I followed the installation instruction step by step and everything works fine but the message “hb: sen> [] svc> []” kept showing at the end.

I just want to ask what is this and will this affect my later programming?

Following are the message shown on the terminal:

pi@raspberrypi:~/matrix-os$ sudo chmod 777 db/*
pi@raspberrypi:~/matrix-os$ NODE_ENV=rc node index.js
Environment Selected: rc
Loading… device
Loading… event
Loading… service
Not using device data from db, using MATRIX_DEVICE_ID and MATRIX_DEVICE_SECRET instead!
Starting as device: dafbbec0151b
Bluetooth pairing enabled
Installed Apps:
Local Apps:
Local / Installed Δ 0
MXSS Connected: http://mxss.admobilize.com
MALOS COMPONENTS :gear: IMU:20013 | Provides yaw/pitch/roll. Check Imu message (protocol buffer)
:gear: Humidity:20017 | Provides humidity and temperature. Check Humidity message (protocol buffer)
:gear: Everloop:20021 | Write-only. There are 35 leds. Values range from 0 to 255. Check message EverloopImage (protocol buffer)
:gear: Pressure:20025 | Provides barometer/altimeter and temperature. Check Pressure message (protocol buffer)
:gear: UV:20029 | Provides UV index. Check UV index message (protocol buffer). Also provides a string with the UV risk according to the OMS. See: https://www.epa.gov/sunsafety/uv-index-scale-0
:gear: MicArray_Alsa:20037 | Simple ALSA Driver for MATRIX Creator’s Microphone Array
:gear: Lirc:20041 | Write-read. Get list remotes and send commands via IR. In development
:gear: Servo:20045 | Write-read. Servo handler. In development
:gear: Gpio:20049 | Write-read. Gpio handler. In development

=<[^/^]>= [da**********b] ready

|/| || | |/ | / [o__o]
| | | | | | \ | _/_ v0.14.0
hb: sen> [] svc> []
hb: sen> [] svc> []

Hey @arlene!

You are good to go. The sen and svc are new additions from what i can tell. You should be able to pass along whatever your application needs to. Those variables will change once you have your app up and running on the device. Those are just placeholders to let you know the device is listening.

Also as the IoT devices are a hotspot for problems in security these days and it won’t get any better in the future. I’d advice not sharing your Device ID under, Starting as device:

Just a suggestion :wink:

@architek1 is correct, you are good to go @GoodLife.