Exposing Rpi Gpio on Matrix Creator

Hi everyone,

I have just gotten my Matrix Creator and I would like to expose an Rpi GPIO via the expansion gpio on the matrix creator. I am new to FPGA programming and I’ve tried to follow the guide here:

But it seems that this is for the Matrix Voice that already has some GPIO pins defined for this purpose. Following the datasheet for the matrix creator I would like to use GPIO26 as it is unused and wire it to the expansion GPIO10. Unfortunately i’m not sure where to begin as I can’t find GPIO26 defined in the creator.ucf file. I assume that i would have to define my own pins?

Are there any resources or tutorials i could follow as i do not want to risk messing up the verilog code for my Matrix Creator. Thank you!

Hi @Sharkcat,

Welcome to the community!

It seems GPIO26 on the MATRIX Creator is not connected, which means there is no connection between that pin and the FPGA in the circuit board, so unfortunately you will not be able to route it as you are asking.

Due to all the different types of components on the MATRIX Creator, there are not any connected Raspberry Pi pins that aren’t being used for some purpose. If you really need a RPi pin exposed, I would suggest re-routing a pin from a component that you are not using. For example, if you are not using Zigbee, maybe try re-routing and exposing GPIO20 to an expansion pin using the tutorial you linked.

Let me know if I can help in any way.