First and last second is cut



Alexa is running very fine on my Matrix Voice. But the first and the last second of the Alexa answer is
always cut. I switched the debug mode off in the meanwhile, but with no result.

Any idea how to get the complete answer?

Many thanks for your hint



Is there somebody?

I assumed that this would be a forum of a powerful and highly motivated startup company. But over 20 days with no reaction is very disappointing.

At least, I have expected an answer like: “The implementation of Alexa is not yet perfect; you have to take it with the uncomplete speech as it is”

Marketing and support could always be improved!



Hi Walter,

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the late response.

Regarding the Alexa problem, I haven’t run into that problem myself before. Alexa is always upgrading so it might be a new issue. I will test the Alexa guide myself and get back to you within the week.