FPGA source code

So, I’ve tried to generate the system.bit from the github repository, and it seems like it’s not working correctly.
The bit file is generated, but as soon as I try to flash it, the board just stop responding (All led goes off, and all sensors return no values).
If I reflash the original system.bit, the MCU run fine (led blinking), and I get my sensors reading back.
I’m new to FPGA so maybe I miss something. Is anyone have any luck with building the firmware from sources ?

Another thing is, the FPGA firmware got updated several times recently according to the matrix-creator-init repository, but the matrix-creator-fpga repository have not been updated once since last year. So I was wondering, is it really up to date ?

little update: I’ve end up installing the ISE WebPack on linux (instead of Windows).
With the help of the repo Makefile, I was able to compile and flash the FPGA without any trouble.

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