Getting ODAS and GPS Module working together

I am trying to combine ODAS with a NEO 6m gps module. The gps module was configured using this guide here. I followed the FPGA guide for the matrix creator to reroute the expansion pins to gpio 15 and 14. Running cat /dev/ttyAMA0 produces the correct gps signal. But when running ODAS, the device would reboot a second after printing “+ Thread running …”.
Does ODAS require these gpio pins and/or serial console to work? Is there a way around this?

Help appreciated, Thanks.


ODAS shouldn’t need UART. Have you tried running ODAS without the GPS module connected to the MATRIX Creator with the modified Verilog bit file that you have? Does it run okay then?

If we can isolate the issue more, might be easier to troubleshoot.


@vtu93 Do you trust the power supply?

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