Good Working WakeWord Detection?


I recently bought a Matrix Voice and want to use it for offline Wake/Hot Word detection with a Pi 3. For testing purposes, the device is 20 cm in front of me. I’m running Rasperian stretch.

So I tried multiple products, but none is working as expected…

  • matrix-malos-wakeword => test_wakeword.js
    Trained with own words from text file

  • matrix-creator-pocketsphinx => pocketsphinx_demo
    Trained with own words from text file

  • snowboy => examples/Node/microphone.js
    Trained with own voice (pmdl)

I tested my recordings with
rec -r 16000 -c 1 -b 16 -e signed-integer 1.wav
and its crystal clear.

None of the tested tools is working “good”. Most of them can’t distinguish between ON and OFF and if the TV is on it is havoc … The false alarms are pretty high.

Do I have to train oder tweak the detection? Otherwise its quite useless to me :confused:

Thank you!


Pocketsphinx is the core on Matrix-wakeword, it works better when you have two or more words, only with single ON or OFF words maybe it has many mistakes. what is your dictionary? Also you can train your own language like this:


Thank you for your answer. I’m using all the default values, cloned and followed the guide.

I don’t want to train another language, english is fine by me. I just want to improve the accuracy as discribed in the link you provided.

My problem is, that I don’t know where CMUSphinx/Pocketsphinx is installed, so that I can follow that guide. Is it installed with wakeword?

Thank you!