Guide for running Google Assistant with MATRIX Voice and MATRIX Creator!

Hey Everyone!

Checkout our guide on showing you how to setup Google Assistant on your Raspberry Pi with a MATRIX Voice or MATRIX Creator!

If you have any suggestions or ideas for future guides, feel free to reply to this post.

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Hi ,MATRIX_Alfred
I’ve just found this post .

I’ve installed google assistant to Matrix creator and after said Hey google asked question ,it has answer. But the output of speaker is very slow . Even adjusted the outpout of speaker to the maximum,it still the same volume very slow.

Why this issue ?

And another question about google assistant is how to change the reply language of google assistant? I’ve already configured “overview”,“setup” to other language for example French in Google Developer Project console. But it still listen and ask with English.

I’d like to know more add function of Google assistant like a personal health guide assistant. Now I just can ask it a few limit simple questions.

Thanks for your answer.

Frist, take into account that this demo was adapted from the official demo from Google using Assistant SDK (github repo)

  • Try using alsamixer to set volume at 100%
  • Try asking Google to set volume at 100 %

This thread in the official github issue might help Change language? · Issue #79 · googlesamples/assistant-sdk-python · GitHub

On how to extend or add addintional functions to google assistant, there are what they call Actions, check here:

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